ERC404 is an experimental project on the Ethereum blockchain. Which aims to create a semi fungible token in combination of Non fungible token ( NFT )/ERC721 and Ethereum (EC20). This is going to create a huge revolution and hype in the crypto market.

Basically, this new system will work on top of ERC404. In this case, an NFT will be open to anyone who works for a few percent within 100 percent of that NFT. Popular NFTs can now be bought by any common user. Not only this but various defi applications are approving this new project and they are thinking of doing research with it and launching various projects in the future.

This could be a blessing in disguise for the crypto market going forward as there will be a free market competition for new investors and new investors to operate in a new system with a 2.0 revolution of the entire Ethereum network that the world has been waiting for. Because of this new system


After all, every exchange has started to support the big exchangers from listing this new project on their exchangers. They are doing everything themselves already. Some major exchanges have positive thoughts about them and some are launching in their new markets and they are easily listing them on their platform. Allowing trading of ERC404 supported tokens.

According to earlier culture or previous culture, the common public could not buy NFT of various famous companies, but due to this system, we are easily exposed to small traders, from small investors, from small institutions to all big investors. So in the coming days it will open doors of possibilities for all.

Last but not least, Kipto Market is not providing any guide or encouragement regarding investment. If someone invests, then research properly and properly. Thanks for taking the time to read the post.

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